Communist Traitor For President?

For that matter, communist traitor for congress, the senate or even appointed as supreme court justice.

If 8 million illegal aliens are holding jobs in America and 8 million legal and lawful Americans are unemployed—is there anything wrong with this picture?

In 2012, unemployment will be on the ballot.  Are there politicians in your district who support jobs, health care and schooling for people who entered the country illegally, forged identification, and lied on their job applications?  Do your politicians state, boldly, that illegal aliens may pick and choose which laws they will follow and the ones they will not but that you, a lawful citizen had better not do so?

There are politicians who refuse to vote cut the budget even though we are broke.  Instead, they want to keep printing money and borrowing money until the United States is broke like Greece or until our money becomes worthless like Zimbabwe,

Are you represented by politicians at the local, state or national level who help the police prevent narco terrorists from cutting people’s heads off and smuggling illegal drugs across the border, or do your national and local politicians waste tax dollars by suing states trying to protect the United States from foreign criminals?

Do your politicians provide US funds to George Soros, Brazilian companies and the nation of Brazil to develop oil in Brazil while destroying the domestic energy supplies?

Do your politicians believe in man-made Global Warming and or Climate Change?  If so they are pledged directly after the 2012 elections to put carbon trading into place.  Carbon trading will make the price of all goods and services in the United States skyrocket.  Unemployment is guaranteed to get worse.  What is interesting is that the politicians who believe this way are Marxists.  Marxists have a concept called “useful idiots.”  If you vote for them, you are the useful idiot.  The bottom line is they feel duty bound to lie to you “for your own good.”   If you ask them if they believe that the United States is partly responsible for climate change they will admit the truth they believe it.  If you ask whether their policies to combat climate change will disrupt the capitalist economy of the United States, they will lie.  They must lie.  You would never vote for them if they told you the truth.  But they are lying to you for your own good.  That will be such a comfort to you in the unemployment line when the price of bread and gas has doubled.

So you will have the choice of voting for politicians who act as though they were bribed by foreign interests to destroy capitalism and the United States or to support politicians who will exploit every bit of domestic energy we have, provide jobs for all and export to the world the only US product they really want: energy.