Competitive World

We are living in a competitive world, we are in need to face competitions in each and every sort. We must improve our skills and talents in various sort to win over the competitions. In our school days we are in need to study well to get good marks and highest rank, where as we are challenging with our friends and classmates to get good mark and study hard for this purpose.

During cultural and Annual day, we participate in various kind of competition like oratorical, debates, singing, dancing and so on to prove our talents and get prizes based on our skills. In college days we are facing competition in campus interviews and trying our best to get placement in a good company.

After finishing college we are searching for a job, whereas we find a lot of competitors for a single job. A lot of applicants placed their application for a single job and the deserved person get the job. After getting the job, we are in need to face some promotional exams to get promotions and increments in our salary. 

Since our life is full of competitions and challenges from the beginning to the end. We must face all the competitions with our confidence and will power and express our real talents and skills to win over the competition. Most of us don’t know about our real power until facing this kind of competitions. We come to know about our power while facing tough challenges in our life.

As our world is improving a lot in day by day manner due to the technology improvement, we must update our self and improve our knowledge and talents in various sort to face the competitions and get success with it. Update your self with the recent trend and techniques and gain  knowledge in various things to face the competitions in your life.

The competition in our life is started from our childhood and continuint till our end. We are in need to face different kind of competitions in different stage and work hard to win over it.

What is your opinion about living and facing with the competitions? Are you facing a lot of challenges and competitions in your life? what is your strategy to win over this competition?