Computer Science Paper Half Yearly

                     HALF YEARLY EXAM


                        SUBJECT- C.S

Q.1. What do you mean by firmware?

Q.2. How is data different from information?

Q.3. what are the benefits of multi programming?

Q.4. What is the difference between a program and a process?

Q.5. Why do we need of operating system? What types of services are provided by operating system?

Q.6. Differentiate Compiler and Interpreter.

Q.7. write key features of second generation computers and fourth generation computers.

Q.8. What is non-premptive  scheduling? ExplainFirst Come First Served(FCFS) scheduling.

Q.9. How is paging useful to Implement virtual storage?

Q.10. Find the eight bit two`s complement form of -52.

Q.11. Convert the following no. system:-

   (a).  (325)10 =?2                     (b). (110.110)2 = ?10

   (c).   (2C0)16 = ?10                  (d). (65)10 = ?8

   (e).   (011011110)2= ?16           (f). (53A2)16 =?8

Q.12. What is significant of Cache memory? What are its types?

Q.13. Differentiate between SRAM and DRAM.

Q.14. What are the advantages offered by the inheritance?

Q.15. Differentiate procedural programming and object oriented programming.

Q.16. What is Data abstraction? Give example.

Q.17. What are literals in C++? How many types of literals are allowed in C++?

Q.18. What are predefined stream object in I/O library?

Q.19. What are the key words and identifier? Give example in C++.

Q.20. Explain fundamental data types with examples.

Q.21. Define syntax error and logical error with examples.

Q.22. Write a C++ program to compute simple interest.(Accept necessary inputs from user)

Q.23. Write an equivalent C++ expression for the following mathematical expressions:

   a     at2                   b.((3x+5y)/(5x+3y)- (8xy)/(2yx) )3/2

Q.24. What is looping? Give example of infinite loop.

Q.25. Writ a C++ program to find out whether a year ( entered in 4-digits number representing it) is a leap year.

Q.26. Write a C++ program to print even numbers from first 50 natural numbers.

Q.27. Write a program to calculate area of a circle, a rectangle and a triangle depending upon user’s choice using switch case statement.


this paper will help you throughout to understand the hidden or missing fact about your computer science.

Lots of people today are choosing this field because there is a great scope in the field of computer.

But remember you have to do lots of work foe this as this is not so simple task to become a computer science engineer.