Constipation Is Also Common In Children

If you start having fewer bowel movements or stools to become hard to pass, it is possible that there are actually suffering from constipation. The condition can certainly be very embarrassing and can cause problems for people of all ages, with children.

Constipation in children is mainly caused by the retention of stool in the child. This could be done through a series of reasons that are performed to relieve the discomfort, anxiety or toilet toilet training, reluctance to disrupt recreation, or concern for the possession of a painful encounter feces.

If the stool of a child that delays product of dried feces, and more difficult. This can certainly be the future of the stools very painful. In some cases this can lead to a blockage in the colon or rectum.

In these situations, it is possible that the sliding of the children are of color due to sudden leaks. From time to time, is not interpreted correctly as diarrhea.

Other causes of constipation are a diet low in fiber, unique, or prescription drugs, or opiates, antacids, and antidepressants, anatomical abnormalities, in particular diseases such as diabetes and Down syndrome.

Signs or symptoms

– The child’s movements restricted than normal

– Affliction or discomfort in the abdomen

– Loss of appetite

– Denial of education or pot to avoid using the toilet

– Spots of blood on toilet paper after toilet visits

– Stools large, dry, hard

– I made it difficult or painful

– The existence of stool in the internal wear or color

– Postures child characteristics that point to the retention of feces, for example, sculpt the muscles of the buttocks and then tiptoed down the back of the heels or any additional movement or unusual behavior.

Treatment Options

In fact, there are several methods that can cure constipation in children, but it is important to note that treatment depends on the cruelty of the complication. Some of the methods that can be easily treated small include:


Laxatives are an option for treating constipation. However, it is crucial for the use of laxatives in children only when a doctor prescribes.

Eating habits

Make sure your child drinks plenty of water, liquid, or other fruit juice. Furthermore, in order to get enough fiber in his diet to include lots of fresh fruit and veges, along with other high fiber foods. By adjusting your child’s diet is one of the best natural remedies for constipation.

Formation of the colon

The child must be trained to relieve himself every time he or she receives an emergency saddle. The child can certainly be trained to spend at least ten minutes in the bathroom every day especially after meals. The child must be done at home while sitting on the toilet with his legs firmly on the ground and then he or she must do to relax completely.


The child may be rewarded every time he or she is sitting on the toilet and every time I get a bowel movement, it is necessary to win the prize.