Contraception (Sex Education Know-How)

DEFINITION By contraception I mean the avoidance of pregnancy. By Birth Control, I mean controlling the number of children born to any woman and by Population Control, I mean limiting the increase in population by educating the people and providing easy and efficient contraceptive measures for them. Family planning is available to help individuals and couples to choose if and when they will have a child or to choose the number of children that they will have.


Birth control helps make an intimate relationship more secure and more enjoyable by removing the fear of an undesired pregnancy.

Ignorance of birth control indicates lack of confidence in the partner because the resulting pregnancy may be used to force the other into making commitment or else to bring a strained relationship to an end.

Genuine contraception is of great advantage to women. It preserves their health and prevents premature aging, and it saves them from becoming something which is very terrible – unwilling mothers.

Family efficiency becomes possible with it aid. The size of the family is regulated to yield the best results having regard to all the factors concerned – economic, health, and many others.

Effective contraception prevents the tragedy of unwanted children. Lastly, it prevents abortions by removing any need for them. Anybody who opposes contraception on moral or religious grounds ought to witness the sad spectacle of a nerve-ridden wife with hyhsterical tears on heer cheeks, and her despondent husband visiting a doctor to inquire whether nothing can be done to avoid pregnancy.


The attraction between a man and a woman can be one of the most powerful emotions known. Not all people who make love want to have a baby. Howeveer, unless birth control methods are used, sooner or later, the woman is likely to get pregnant. Today’s methods of birth control make it possible for a couple to choose whether or not to have a child. Advice and supplies are free. It’s worth knowing about!

There are several birth control methods to choose from. By making sure that you or your partner are using an effective method of contraception, you will be able to relax and enjoy sex much more. And if you do decide to plan a family, you will know that the baby will be wanted and loved.


As a woman gets older, she may notice changes in the pattern of her periods. When periods finally stop, she has reached the change of life (menopause). Contraceptive precautions should be continued until a woman has not had a period or any bleeding for two years if aged under 50, and for one year if over 50. A family doctor or family planning Clinic will be able to advise on suitable birth control until then.


You will hear a lot of foolish tales about contraception which are simply not true. So, whatever you’ve heard, these are the true facts:

*Breastfeeding may not prevent pregnancy.

*Pregnancy can occur even if the woman does not ‘come’ (have an orgasm).

*Intercourse in any position can result in pregnancy.

*Pregnancy can follow first intercourse, and can even occur without male penetration.

*Pregnancy sometimes occurs when intercourse takes place during a period.

*Douching, however soon after intercourse, will never prevent pregnancy.

*Withdrawal, ‘being careful’ can result in pregnancy.


A woman can become pregnant if, after intercourse, a sperm released when the man ‘comes’, joins with her egg and the egg then settles in her womb. A man and woman who do not want to have a baby can still enjoy lovemaking if they make sure the egg and sperm never meet, or if the egg is prevented from settling in the womb. There are several ways of doing this, but any method chosen must be used properly. No birth control method will work unless it is used regularly – the one time you take a chance could be the time pregnancy occurs!

Difference contraceptive methods suit different people at different times, so ask the advice of your family doctor or your family planning Clinic. If necessary, try out one or more methods until you find the one that suits you and your partner best. You are far more likely to use a method regularly and properly if you feel it is the right one for you. Outline below are the methods that are available to choose from:

*Pills and injectables


*Barrier methods

*Natural methods and



If you are unlucky and make a mistake with your contraception , some doctors and clinics provide ‘morning after’ or post-coital advice. This may mean taking a special dose of the combined pill or insertion of an IUD. It is a method only to be used in a real emergency under medical supervision. So don’t risk pregnancy -use a reliable method of birth control every time you have intercourse. It should be available from your family doctor and family planning clinics.

Next, I shall be discussing:

*The Combined Pill


*Injectable contraceptives.

*Intrauterine Device.

*Diaphragm or Cap + Spermicide.



*Natural Methods.

*Female Sterilisation


*Male Sterilisation.

Please, keep a date. It is our collective responsibilities to make this World a better place than we found it.

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