Courage Techniques From “why Marry a Millionaire?just Be One”


These are a few points from Wendy Robbins’ book, “Why Marry A Millionaire? Just Be One!”

Many of us are afraid to fail, to be wrong, to lose anything or everything so we don’t commit to our dreams. This doubt becomes so strong for us that we are ruled by it and are stopped before we begin.

“I’m an old man and have known a great many troubles, but most of them never happened.” – Mark Twain

Doubt is the result of conflicting wishes.

Be sure of what you want and doubt is impossible. If you are 100% sure of your purpose there is no fear that will stop you.

Fear is the friend you bring with you on all your adventures. S/he has been the boss of you over and over again – how is that working for you? Like we talked about earlier. You are letting a five year old rule you.

The child within you invents the panic, the doubt, and the worry – all of it. So be the parent to your fear, listen, discern and move on.

How much has your fear cost you over the last year? Last five years? How is that working for you?

Rich and successful people act to spite their fear. Unsuccessful people don’t make decisions easily or change them often.

I am asking you to decide to take immediate action, even if you are scared.

This is the recipe for success: Have a plan for reaching your goals that inspire you. Devote the majority of your time and focus on it with positive thoughts, beliefs, habits, feelings and imagination. Act as if it’s already happened.

Then take continuous action regardless of circumstance, negative people, challenges, delays or denials.

You get to stay focused and avoid distractions. I saw a bumper sticker on a soccer mom kind of van that said, “Crazed, distracted mother on board.” Is that you?

Turn off the television. Stop obsessing on emails. Don’t keep looking for the next get rich quick scheme. Your focus is to focus. Notice when you go off course and get back on.

Pilots are off course 98% of the time. They are simply making tiny corrections over and over again to land on the desired runway.

It’s equally easy to be positive or negative always. It’s a choice. The event, circumstance, experience is always neutral. How you respond, think, feel and believe is always up to you.

It’s a simple recipe, right? So why does it seem so difficult for most of us to actually follow through? Fear of failure is a big one for a lot of us.

It’s up to us to continue to be persistent and resilient to spite adversity. Be Gumby. He says, “Hi! I love you!”