Courthouse Square, Cleveland, Ohio

This six-story brick structure is situated within Cleveland’s historic Warehouse District, and is adjacent to the City of Cleveland/Cuyahoga County Justice Center. It is also a short walk from the recently constructed Cleveland Browns Stadium overlooking the shoreline of Lake Erie. Upper floors of the building command views to the lake, as well as to the core downtown skyline of the city.

The primary streetfront façades of Courthouse Square are rendered in finely detailed rich red brick, set off by decorative elements of white stonework. The large rectilinear window areas are cleanly punctured through the masonry composition in a bold rhythm.

Substantially remodeled in 1990, this traditional warehouse-style structure features high ceilings and large window areas throughout. Its proximity to The Justice Center make it a favored location for law offices, and it also houses other corporate offices, a radio station and several governmental agencies. The structure is served by an adjoining parking lot, and public parking at several different lots lies within several blocks of the building. The Regional Transit Authority’s main light rail hub, situated in the base of The Terminal Tower, and its downtown bus hub at Public Square are each just several blocks south of Courthouse Square.

Lying immediately to the east of Courthouse Square across West Third Street is the city’s Fort Huntington Park. Still farthest east lies the classical Beaux-Arts structure of the Cuyahoga County Courthouse.