Cpim Leaders Cannot Deny Responsibility of Arms Hoarding in West Bengal

CPIM Leaders Cannot Deny Responsibility of Arms Hoarding in West Bengal

brotee mukhopadhyay

Recovery of arms from several districts of West Bengal since 14th May last is a terrifying event in the history of this region. The Junglemahal appears to be the great store-house of the fire-arms of different verities. West Midnapur, Bankura, Purulia, Bardhaman, Hooghly, Howrah, North 24 Paraganas, South 24 Paraganas and Murshidabad are the districts of West Bengal from where arms are being recovered.

One common feature of the above-stated event is that arms are being recovered from the houses of the CPIM party members/supporters or from the party offices which are innumerous in number and which are located in wide areas of this state. Some of the arms have been recovered from the backyard or house-hold ponds/wells of the people associated with CPIM.

It appears that people of the villages had earlier knowledge of the arms accumulation. They are coming forward and reporting the police administration about the whereabouts of those arms. They have remained silent spectators during the CPIM-led Left Front rule which was infamous for terror tactics. The CPIM rule has come to an end after the West Bengal electorates have smashed the left in the last assembly election held in six phases over a period from April to May, 2011, in which Trinamul Congress and Congress alliance has succeeded in obtaining astonishing mandate in its favor. As a result of this, cover of terror has been removed immediately, and people in large number have begun to approach the police station with information on piled up arms in their neighborhood.

Arms recovered during the last fortnight are unbelievable in numbers and varieties. Those include thousands of fire-arms and cartridges, and the varieties include locally made guns and bombs, different kinds of rifles, muskets, AK 56 assault rifles, grenades, hand-canons. People are afraid if CPIM has a plan to wage any war against a section of  the people of the region.

CPIM in West Bengal is proud of its great leaders among whom a few are Biman Bose (Chairman of the Left Front and State-Secretary of CPIM), Buddhadeb Bhattacharya (ex-Chief  Minister of West Bengal), Nirupam Sen, Shyamal Chakraborty, Muhammad Selim, Benoy Konar, Anil Bose, Dipak Sarkar, Sushanta Ghosh and Gautam Deb. Some of these leaders are members of the CPIM Politbureau and others are members of Central Committee of the party. There is no reason to accept that these people were in the dark when arms hoarding operation was on in full swing.

It is necessary to remember that P.Chidambaram (Indian Home Minister) has warned the then Chief Minister of West Bengal about the unhealthy development in this region. He has requested the Chief Minister to dismantle the Harmad camps built up in some of the districts, Harmad camps owned by the armed cadres of CPIM. The same Chief Minister reciprocated the Indian Home Minister with blatant lies.

Hence, CPIM leaders should and must answer to a few questions which everyone in West Bengal has been raising now:

  1. How fire-arms of such huge magnitude have been allowed to be piled up by the CPIM members and supporters?
  2. What was the purpose of this kind of arms storage?
  3. Why Buddhadeb Bhattacharya (Police Minister of West Bengal) has not taken any step to dismantle the armed camps?
  4. Why the police officers have not discharged their duties rightly and in time?

CPIM leaders must take responsibility of this arms hoarding in West Bengal.