Creative Personal Transformation

Creative Personal Transformation – what’s your story

Who would you be without your story?
-Byron Katie
I have found my mind curious lately… wandering about in the rooms of my imagination, observing and creating all sorts of stories around my perceived identity and desired outcomes in all areas of my life experience.
As I explore, I come across re-runs filled with old patterns, evacuated beliefs and worn out short-clips of past experience that have been mined over and over again for their gifts and life lessons. Stories I thought I had transcended. And yet occasionally the tapes are replayed, transformed and new ones created. During this process I constantly amuse myself as I witness even the most imaginative and outrageous story— enjoying the exploration, intrigue and humor that it often brings.
During this process of story creation, sometimes with great passion and enthusiasm, I attach to a particular label of myself or someone else or a specific outcome I wish to embody. I observe how I limit my life experience with that part of my mind that wants to control and be in charge of the mental pen. And with great gentleness and compassion, I see how this part of my mind is sometimes fueled by an innate fear of not getting exactly what I want, or thinking that my small little mind is the only origin from which I am able to create.
When I give my attention to this part of myself, the goal-oriented, achievement-focused, fear-based part of my mind; I see how I can sabotage my experience and limit the expansiveness of the possibilities unborn in any given moment.
Yet, if I let go and trust the creative flow of the moment to delight and surprise me, I may just open up to and discover that I am stepping into another story—one that allows me to express the wisdom in my heart. This story often leads to enchantment and amazes me beyond my wildest dreams and imaginations…. AND is writing itself. All I need to do is listen, receive, and live it.
It is when I listen to my intuition, that feeling-based-inner-guidance delivered in a real-time moment-to-moment basis, that I am able to connect to the creative flow and thrive towards real freedom and unlimited possibilities. Being fully present to this moment, ripe with possibility, here lies my creative power and my connection to the infinite life force that unites all things.
As with the creative process, when we let go control of the ‘story’ of what we think we should do, where we think we should go, how it should look or even who we think we are —that sweet surrender of our mind’s story opens us up to receive the totality of the mystery of the unknown and celebrates in discovering our authenticity, our creativity and allows full expression of our highest potential.
So what’s your story? Who are you without your story? Are you willing to surrender your story and discover your own creative potential?