Cure For Breast Cancer

Treatment of patients suffering from breast cancer among others, by:
1. Mastectomy
Mastectomy is the surgical removal of the breast. Mastectomy is divided into three types:
a) Modified Radical Mastectomy
b) Modified Radical Mastectomy is surgical removal of the entire breast, breast tissue in the sternum, collarbone and ribs, and lump around the armpit.
c) Total (Simple) Mastectomy
d) Total (Simple) Mastectomy is surgical removal of the entire breast and surrounding area
e) Radical Mastectomy
f) Radical Mastectomy is surgical removal of part of the breast. Appointment only in tissues that contain cancer cells, not the entire breast. This operation is always followed by radiotherapy. Lumpectomy usually recommended in patients with large tumors less than 2 cm and located at the edge of the breast.
2. Chemotherapy
Chemotherapy is the process of giving anti-cancer drugs through an IV to kill cancer cells.
3. Radiation
Radiation is the process of radiation in areas affected by cancer using gamma rays. Radiation aims to kill remaining cancer cells in the breast after surgery
4. Primary Prevention
Primary prevention of breast cancer is one form of health promotion. Primary prevention through efforts to avoid the various risk factors and healthy lifestyle.
5. Secondary Prevention
Secondary Prevention committed against a person who has the risk of breast cancer. Secondary prevention by early detection of breast cancer patients.
6. Tertiary Prevention
Tertiary Prevention conducted on a person suffering from breast cancer. Treatment tailored to stage breast cancer, is to reduce disability and prolong survival.