Custom Web Design Tips

1. Easy to Navigate

Most likely, your customer came to your website purposely looking for information about the products or services that you offer. In applying custom web design, it is very important to make your website links easy to understand and the text contents easy to read.

Nobody wants to be involuntarily toured around the whole website only to find that the information they need is not available. This makes the back button very attractive. It’s one of the fastest ways to lose a customer. These are one of the very many situations you can avoid with the availability of custom web design.

You can make all the primary information readily available using words that are easy to understand. On the homepage alone, make sure that the company name and the product information are easily found on your custom web design. The shorter the text description, the better. In custom web design, you can build your website to save the customer’s time by making it easy to find just what they need.

2. Make it Memorable

One of the most critical decisions in building your custom web design is thinking up your domain name. It may sound trendy to think up a name that is purposely misspelled or using numbers instead of the actual words – like friendz instead of friends, gr8 instead of great. This can back fire when your customer uses a search engine to look for products that you offer and your company will not be displayed on the search results.

Using a simple name that speaks most for your company works best. Your custom web design will not be put to waste since your customer can easily locate you online.

3. Consider Loading Time

Although your customer is sitting at home looking at your custom web design, it doesn’t mean that he is in a hurry. Any customer would prefer to have the information available immediately after they click a button instead of seeing “please wait, page is loading” on their screen. The delays may be caused by unnecessary plug-ins and multimedia you built into your custom web design.

When picturing out the appearance of your custom web design, it’s best to put breathing space or negative space where the eyes can rest. The look of your custom web design should not be too busy that it will scare your customer away. The rule of simplicity can easily be applied in these situations.

The goal here is to make your customer stay on your website for as long as possible – long enough for him to be convinced that he needs your products and services.

4. Room for Improvement

Lastly, make sure to be up to date with the information you weave into your custom web design. Regularly checking for new features you can add into your website will help you make your custom web design more attractive as it suits the ever changing groups of customers that visit.

Also, put a space for your customers to leave comments and suggestions. This will make them feel that their opinions are valued and their contribution will be given well deserved attention. This is a feature in your custom web design that can potentially be an asset. You’ll never know, a customer might drop a comment that one of your links is broken or a word was spelled wrong on one of your pages, or even better, ideas for new products.

The best thing about this feature is that the input came from your actual customers. You can zero-in on answering that need for a new product or provide a service that is exactly what your customer suggested it to be – and then some.

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