Customize Your Lipstick

Customize Your Lipstick

By Staysik


Here is a great way to make a custom color and recycle all in one! This is a great way to make a lip color that ONLY you will have! It is also a fantastic way to make use of those last little bits of lipstick that you would usually throw out. You know how when you get to the bottom of a tube of lipstick and you need a little scoop or something to get the last little bit? While now you can use that last bit!


What You Need-

  • Lip stick that’s almost used up- a couple different tubes
  • a clean container to put your new color into


perfectmakeup_Thumb.jpgGather all the things you need: your new lipstick container and all of the odd-and-ends of lipstick together. If you have no idea what to put it all in consider using an clean lip balm container or tin, or a mini Altoids tin, or an old (once again, clean) pressed powder compact. For some of these containers, you will be able to easily get the new lipstick in there; for others you will have to use heat to get the lipcolor in its new container.


If you have a lot of lip stick tubes that are almost used up– or you just want to combine a few that you have a full tube of– you will need more than one container to place your new lip stick. See the first step for ideas. You will also need another container in which to mix all the lipstick colors together- a small tupperware container works great, so does a small yogurt container.


If the lipstick is really soft, you can just stir it around with something, like a spoon or a clean chopstick. If the lipstick is really solid and isn’t blending well, use a hairdryer over it until it is melted a little and then you can easily blend it. You can also put your lipstick mixture into the microwave for a few seconds- don’t do it too long- and check it after 5 seconds to see if it has softened enough.


Once your lip colors are blended into a nice consistency, you are going to do what they do at the factories and pour it into its “mold” – or container. Be sure that you don’t fill it too high, because you want to be able to remove and replace the lid easily. Now you just repeat with all your containers until you have none left. Ta-da! New customized lipcolor!!

Tips & Warnings

  • You probably want to go out and buy a nice lip-brush to apply your new lipcolor.
  • If you use pressed-powder compacts as a container, they don’t hold a lot of color, but they do work great because you have a mirror with it…perfect!

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