Cut Back On Salt

If you find yourself in the need to cut back on your salt consumption it can seem like a pretty daunting task. I was diagnosed with high blood pressure and my doctor said no salt in my diet…I love salt so this seemed like an impossible feat. I am going to help you lower your salt step by step, until you are eating almost salt free.

The first step to cutting back on your salt is to read the labels on all of the food that you consume. You might be surprised at how much salt, the foods that you consume on a daily basis contain. Ice cream, soda and even candy contain salt!

Change from regular table salt to sea salt. While sea salt is still salt, some people with high blood pressure can tolerate sea salt better. You still have to use with moderation, but it may be of help to your condition. Sea salt contains minerals that are beneficial to your health, that ordinary table salt does not.

Avoid processed foods of all kind. They are not only loaded with salt, they also have other ingredients that are harmful to your health . Chemicals which are used to preserve as well as MSG. Processed foods include, bologna, smoked sausage, canned meats, TV dinners, canned soups, frozen pizza and potted meats, just to name a few.

Check the labels on your spices and seasonings that you use for cooking. Most of these seasonings have a high salt content. Try using fresh herbs, onions, garlic and pure spices (containing no salt) to season your food.