Daily And Weekly Fitness Routine That Makes me Trim

For one to be fit and trim is not an easy activity ,if it was ,everyone would be the right weight .It involves a lot of discipline because if you don’t follow the routine religiously ,any gain made could be lost easily. From Monday to Friday ,i do all my workouts at home because of my busy schedule.Then on Saturday i hit the gym .The last Saturday of every month is reserved for endurance training. Every morning as i separate myself from the bed ,i stretch my muscles. This is done by bending myself at the middle .Then stretching both hands 30 times towards the left leg and the same for right leg. After resting for 5minutes , i squat on the ground and hold my shoulder blade with both hands .In that squatting position, i raise myself up and down thirty times and rest for ten minutes .This ends the stretching period. My final training for the day involves supporting my body with a clenched fit on a bare floor and doing fifty pushups. This helps to build up the chest muscles ; i don’t forget to rest for ten minutes before the last pushup. The final pushup involves supporting my body with my fingers and doing another fifty pushups ,this strengthen the fingers, back and the stomach muscles .

Every Saturday , i visit the gym and run non stop for 30 minutes on the treadmill . After a rest of 10 minutes, i cycle for another 30 minutes with a rest period of another ten minutes. This ends the routine for Saturdays

The most strenuous part of my fitness routine is the one i term endurance training . This one takes place last Saturdays of every month .Together with a group of friends we run for one hour up an old disused mountainous road to the peak or end of the road. We rest for a period of 20 minutes before we start coming down.The downwards run takes less than thirty minutes . This training stiffens and weakens all my bones and makes me sleep for the rest of the day . After many hours of sleep ,i wake up refreshed ,fit and ready to face the new month

The importance of regular exercise cannot be overemphasized , it  not only helps keep the body fit and trim, it helps increase the body metabolism. That is it  helps your  food digest faster. Above all, that new strong body increases your confidence level and makes your cloth fit  properly