Daily Fear Factor

Watching Fear Factor, we see the extend people are willing to go to win a million dollars. But did you know that there are people all over the world that is doing some of these things without even thinking about it.



Everyday on my way to work, I see motorcyclist going against traffic, ignoring traffic lights. They will go on high speed, between the narrowest opening, between huge trailers and tractors.

At night, there are illegal racers that will race through traffic at high speed, turning left and right.

Against the odds

  • Then there are motorcyclists carrying four persons (two children and the mother) going from place to place – because they cannot afford to buy a car
  • Motorcyclist with only one hand on the handle and hand either holding a cigarette or talking on the hand phone
  • Motorcyclist holding the steering wheel on one hand and a big bag or fan or something, which even in normal circumstance will be challenging to carry
  • I have even seen a motorcyclist with his passenger carrying and balancing a 12-foot ladder


Imagine buses running at top speed and the passengers hanging on with one leg outside the vehicle. Or even buses where half the screen is covered with stickers that you cannot even see outside.

Then there are buses that produce so much smoke that all the vehicles behind it and at its side have zero visibility.

I sometimes see buses that are so out of shape that when you see it you think that it is running on two wheels.


Imagine running across the highway where all the cars are moving at top speed. Scary but I see them doing it everyday. They can be walking, carrying huge bags or even riding a bicycle.

Even though there is a divider to prevent them from crossing over, you will often time see these people either cutting a hole through the fences or climbing over the divider just to cross these busy streets.

I have even seen some cross the busiest road even when there is a overhead crossing. The reason, too lazy to climb the stairs!!

Imagine primary school children walking and running on the train tracks but these are daily affair for a lot of folks.


I see this very often, the person will drive really fast (40 to 50 mph) and stay just inches behind the front car, swerving between the smallest openings just to get ahead.


Most vehicles will not see the cyclist. In fact, I was nearly killed once when a big truck took a turn just in front of me (while I was trying to go straight). Luckily, I was able to react fast enough and turn with the truck.

The Prize

Often times, the prize of all this willing or unwilling players is getting to a place faster or living to play another day. The losers are the ones that end up with all the fame – they get their pictures in the newspaper (either front page or in the obituary).