Daily Horoscopes: 16Th August

Daily Horoscope – August 16th

Aries (Mar21-Apr20) If you made someone a promise, it is too late now to let them down. Even if today you have other things to do that could be more exciting.

Taurus (Apr21-May21) If you can’t see what others are after, maybe you should accept a generous gesture as a purely friendly one. Tonight, share ideas and plans for the future.

Gemini (May22-June21)A partner helps find the solution to a current dilemma and you will be glad to hand this problem over to them. You have enough on your plate.

Cancer (June22-July23) With so much going on in your own life, don’t shut your partner and other loved-ones out.  Keep the lines of communication open.

Leo (July24-Aug23) You can handle a new challenge as this is how you learn new skills and widen your experience. It is not like you to let self-doubt get the better of you.

Virgo (Aug24-Sept23) Devote the morning to duties you can’t get out of but leave space in the afternoon, to call your own.

Libra (Sept24-Oct23)  No matter how hard you try, you just can’t seem to get down to business. Others don’t seem to realise how much you have got to do.  One person in particular, wants you all to himself!

Scorpio (Oct24-Nov22) There’s a warm comradeship in your work area now. Welcome visitors have interesting news this evening. Don’t believe all you hear!

Sagittarius (Nov23-Dec21) You are incredibly imaginative and inventive today. Seek support for a creative or group project and others will be keen to follow your lead.

Capricorn (Dec22-Jan20) Consider how much your thinking is influenced by those around you. If someone has too much influence over you, it’s time to do something about it.

Aquarius (Jan21-Feb19) There is some tension in a partnership. You might decide to make an effort to ease it. You will be thanked for offering the olive branch by this evening.

Pisces (Feb20-Mar20) Nothing seems to be very easy. There are obstacles to overcome but determination helps you plough through these, with reasonable ease.