Dealing With Stress in a Relationship

Relationships are meant to make you feel confident and good about yourself. Unfortunately for many of us, our relationships are the main cause of all of our stress and anxiety. Trying to be someone your not is also a factor in feeling stressed; feeling like you are a failure. The stress and anxiety can sometimes take over who you are, causing you to be insecure in your relationship. In the end sometimes the relationship isn’t strong enough to move forward.

Expressing how you feel helps with stress

Be Who You Are For You. Don’t spend all your time worrying about what your other half wants or needs all the time. You should never forget who you are. By putting yourself first occasionally you may be less likely to have a break down. Do something to make you happy once in a while. Surround yourself with your true friends and family, and talk to him or her and see if they are willing to help the situation. Negativity is not the only thing that causes stress, positive things do as well. When affection and respect are missing from the relationship you feel even more like a failure, causing high anxiety and stress.

Don’t Over Stress. Don’t let the stress get to you, don’t over stress. This only makes it harder to overcome, and can make you physically ill. You can get through your stress by surrounding yourself with the ones that mean the most to you. Don’t ignore what is causing the stress and anxiety in your life, it will only make it harder to work through.

Communication and Understanding

Communication is the key to any relationship. Don’t keep everything bottled up inside, talk about it. Get it out in the open and talk to your boyfriend or girlfriend about what is causing you to be so stressed. You shouldn’t be afraid of how he or she will react or what they are going to think or tell you. If they truly love you he or she will understand and do everything they can to ease the stress.

Gathering your thoughts and clear you mind. Sometimes we need to learn to remove ourselves from the situation. It doesn’t have to be a long, but sometimes walking away can makes things less stressful. When you choose to go at it with one another before having a chance to clear your mind, things are said that are hurtful. We tend to said things we don’t really mean out of anger and frustration; but remember you can’t take it back after it is said.

Relationship Communication
Relationship communication is all about getting the results you want and keeping the friendships too. Assertiveness risks too much and if you knew how to get the relationship results you really want, you’d have done it months ago…