Death Can Fix It All

It’s hard not to cry

When you have to listen

Listen to yelling

Day and night

I go through the same damn routine

24 hours a day

7days a week

365 days a year

Me sitting in my room

Wishing they would stop

Them in their room


Me not able to stop

To stop crying

Them not caring

Me trying

Trying to block them out

Them getting louder and louder

Me contemplating suicide

Them not stopping long enough

Long enough to know

Death can solve it all

If I committed suicide

I wouldn’t have to listen to all the fighting

I wouldn’t have to sit in my room every single night

I wouldn’t have to keep wishing they would stop

I wouldn’t have to waste double the amount of tears I’ve already wasted

Wasted on two people that don’t even care

Death can cure it all

Death is the only choice now

They wouldn’t even notice I’m gone

They wouldn’t care

They don’t NOW

Why would they then?

Where does dad keep his gun…

In the living room

I’m going to do it

Do it right in front of them

They they can witness

Witness what they’ve done to me

I walk into the room

Gun in hand

They go on fighting

The gun goes to my head

They finally stop

They beg me to stop

I cock the gun

 tell them:

“This is what you’ve done to me”

“Deal with it now when you HAVE to notice!”