Debt Advice for me

I’ve always been too embarrassed to discuss my debt with my friends and family. It hasn’t always been my fault. Of course I could have saved more money and watched the pennies slightly better but generally it’s circumstances that have put me where I am. I tried and they put me in touch with 123DS and they helped no end. A sympathetic ear is sometimes good and getting options of what I could do next was definitely needed.

I had debts with credit card companies, unsecured loans and a store card. I really didn’t know what to pay on any of them as my wages were being swallowed up by them and my rent and on my car. I couldn’t get rid of my car as I needed that to get to work!

In the end I got a debt management plan and that has reduced what I pay every single month so I’m now happier and have a spare pound or 2 at the end of the month as well. I should be getting a promotion at work soon and apparently I can pay extra into my debt management plan to help clear the debts quicker – so hopefully I’ll be in a position to do this soon.

My advice if you are stuck in debt? just speak to someone that knows what they’re talking about and don’t think it will just go away like I did. I did that for far too long and should have taken action a lot quicker. Good luck!