Decorate With Solar Christmas Lights: It's Fun And Grabs Attention

Oh boy. Christmas is right around the corner. It seems to come up faster and faster each year. The day after Thanksgiving I put up our outdoor Christmas lights and decorations. We want to enjoy them (and all our hard work) throughout the holiday season. I go crazy on outdoor Christmas lights. I have found a great way to save some money and also be sure I will not have to buy all new lights every year because they have quit working.

Solar Christmas lights are my solution. They come in many different colors and styles. I intermingle them with my conventional Christmas lights and they add a really special look to my design. First of all, solar lights are not dependent upon conventional electrical supply so no need to plug these solar Christmas lights in. They may be a little more expensive in the initial cash outlay, but they should last for years and will not add to my holiday electrical bill, which seems to go up each year!!

As long as the solar panel gets charged by the sun each day, I can place these solar lights anywhere I choose. I have started decorating two pine trees out in my field that people can see as they drive by. It was easy to do and it really is quite a lovely sight and is very peaceful to look at.

Solar Christmas lights are perfect for bushes that are not near the front of the house (and the electrical sockets). I have outlined my mail box and even put them on one of my movable already lit up reindeer for a little extra glow. It looks great!

So, if you are like me and really love to light up your house during the holiday season, consider using some solar Christmas lights for convenience and the extra beauty it can add to your design.