Defender 2 (Droidhen) Guide

1. The old stuff

I think my guide on Defender pretty much covers the basics of the game. Since there are a lot of stuff that weren’t changed I wont explain them again. The monsters are the same again – penguins, runners, spiked ones, and flying imps. The skill system has went through some changes though – I’ll explain them in the next point. The gameplay is the same – you still have your old crossbow and you fight monsters away from your castle. For more info on the stuff that are the same check out my Defender guide:

2. The new stuff

The changes in the game are mostly in the skill tree and the way you obtain crossbows. The new skills are Poison arrows – slows enemy attack speed, Lava moat – places lava in front of your castle wall which damages and slows enemies and Magic towers – your magic tower(s) shoots enemies.
There is now a leveling system – you gain experience and levels by killing monsters. Anyway that only affects your crossbow – when you gain a certain level new crossbows are unlocked. The crossbows are quite different from the previous game. The Volcano crossbow can be obtained for free. You just have to meet the level requirement and its yours. The Hurricane one you get If you’re willing to spend some gold coins. The main change about Hurricane crossbows is that they now give agility and strength, which makes them quite better than the Volcano ones. The Phantom crossbow now costs a few crystals. It’s much better that it’s brothers but again crystals don’t grow on trees :D.
Another good change is the achievements system. It now pays to kill a lot of monsters and use a lot of spells. The achievements now give you some bonuses. Like when you get the cast 100 fire spells one – your fire spells will do 10% more damage. If you spend a lot of money – monsters will now give you +1gold and so on.
And we come to the biggest (and most awesome) change in the game – The new mode. Battle mode gives you the opportunity to test your skills with another player. You both get the same waves of monster, they grow stronger over time. The one who can survive longer wins the game. The longer you can survive the more bonuses you get. It’s quite a nice way to obtain some extra cash an crystals. Yes that’s right you gain one crystal for every battle won. Buying that FF bow now doesn’t seem like such a challenge (The Final Fantasy is available from the beginning of the game).

3. Single player

If you read my defender guide and plan to use the same strategy here – don’t. The game is now much harder in single player (or at least I think it is). Since now aquireing that Hurricane crossbow takes a chunk of your money you should consider investing those money in skills rather than bows. Now since the game itself doesn’t provide us with the possibility to start over you should consider really carefully your skill investments. If you feel like you would have done better if you had the opportunity to start over there’s a simple trick for doing so. Go to you phone settings and then manage applications, select you defender 2 app and clear the game data. That erases all your saves, but be careful cause it erases you Battle progress and your achievements too. The most annoying thing changed here is that now boss levels give you 3 crystals instead of 4. If you plan using those magic towers and lava mote I have two words for you – Do not. If you’re not planning on spending a pile of money on the game the skill aren’t worth the investment. The magic tower has a slow attack speed and take quite a lot of gold to upgrade their damage. If you plan on building multiple towers – the second one alone costs 150 crystals so think again. Things with lava moat are the same 10 crystals for 1 row – 150 for 2. Anyway with the battle mode available you would probably play single just to increase your skills and spells.

4. Multy player

Now this is where strategy plays a huge part of the game. You will notice that there are some players who pay for crystals and have quite a better equipment than you. Don’t worry – If you use the right strategy you have a chance at defeating them. When it comes to skills you should experiment which style suits you better. Do you like taking monsters with 1 or 2 slow shots or with 3 or 4 fast ones. It’s up to personal choice when to raise which skill. Anyway I suggest you use a strategy similar to the one I describe in my firs guide. Use Frost nova – its probably the best spell in the game. It takes a small amount of mana and gives you the opportunity to kill those monsters without taking a single hit. When you can afford it you can start casting fire spells for the toughest waves but the first skill you should get should be the Frost Nova. I don’t like using Ice age since Armageddon does so much more damage. Anyway Multy player gives you a nice income of crystals and a lot of opportunities to experiment. If you don’t like what you’ve done with your skill tree and your stats are 2 won 43 lost you can always reset your game and start over.