Difference Between Led TV And Lcd TV

Because of continuous changes in underlying technologies of televisions, it’s really hard to choose right television from the number of choices available in market. You have choices in terms of LCD HDTV or Plasma HDTV or newly arrived breed of televisions LED TV. 

This article tells the difference between LED and LCD TVs.

To know the difference between LCD and Plasma TVs have a look at this article.

Difference between LCD and Plasma TV

The measure difference between LCD TV and LED TV is in terms of backlighting the new LED TV uses Light Emitting Diodes instead of fluorescent lamp used in earlier LCD TV; otherwise both technologies use same LCD screens. 

The major factor that keeps the consumer away from buying LED TV is its cost. The newly arrived LED TVs are costlier than its LCD counterparts. 

In terms of power consumptions LED TVs are better because of its underlying backlighting technology that consumes less power. 

LED TVs have better contrast ratio than conventional LCD screens. The black color in LED TV is truly black as it uses dimming effect to dim the backlight behind dark areas. In LCD TV black color looks like dark gray. 

Like plasma TVs, LED televisions have better viewing angle than LCD televisions. LED televisions are light in weight and thickness. Colors in LED televisions are vibrant and more realistic. These televisions also have a better refresh rate.

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