Different Ways to Build Your Coin Collection

Collecting coins is an exciting hobby that a lot of people are fond of. By collecting coins, you can own a part of history and it is interesting to learn about its development when you collect the coins.  

Back in the early years between 1840 and 1935, the United Stated of America used to issue gold coins that were heavily in circulation. The design that was used on these coins was the famous bust of Liberty Head. This design was in use until 1906. It was then changed to the motif of Saint Gaudens and the Indian Head up until 1935 before the onset of the Great Depression. It was around this time that the coins were recalled making them both valuable and rare to find today.

The coin with the highest value all over the world is the Double Eagle of 1933. This specific coin was a gold coin of a monetary value of $20. It was made way back in the 1800’s post the Californian gold rush. However, in the 1930’s this coin was banned from being used and later in 2003, when the coin was actually auctioned, the final bid was placed at a whopping 8 million dollars.  

Owing to the fact that gold coins are extremely rare and difficult to find, it is a popular choice amongst most coin collectors. 

One category of coins that you may be interested to add to your collection is the coins that were flawed in manufacturing. This category of flawed coins include those that have a misspelled word on it, incorrect date, misaligned characteristics or even two punched marks instead of one. These coins are very hard to find and most coin collectors are interested in owning these flawed coins. The value of coins that are flawed are tenfold more than the original value.    

Another set of coins that make incredible collectibles are those that were in circulation for a limited amount of time. Any coin collection that is focused on a specific denomination is deemed to be very good. A collector may choose to have only dimes, quarters, pennies, dollars or nickels. 

Another method of coin collection is by completely disregarding the coin type and only focusing on a specific time period of the collector’s interest.   Coins can also be collected based on mint marks from the same location.  

Although coin collection is a lengthy process, you can sure make it an exciting experience.