Direct Mortgage Lender Vs Mortgage Brokers

The present ailing economy in US is making it more and more difficult for the commoners to fulfill their financial goals and dreams of owning a house of their own. On top of it, the poor credit score holders are confronting more problems to hit a mortgage deal from lenders who view them as high risk subjects. In that way, a direct mortgage lender can help the borrowers to successfully transact the loan application faster than before. However, people tend to get confused between the role of a mortgage broker and a direct mortgage lender. The main difference between a mortgage broker and a direct mortgage lender is in how they handle the loan applications they are responsible for. A mortgage broker works with any number of lenders, looking for the best rates available. They outsource the entire loan process, leaving it to be handled by third parties, and the time it takes to complete the process is dependent upon how quickly these third parties can operate. And the consumers are often at the mercies of this third party intervention. But the direct mortgage lenders retain complete control over the entire process and handle them without any intrusion of third party. The application is processed through their lending institution directly, and while you may not always get the best rate, it will be completed according to the time frame you specify, because that is how they keep their clientele satisfied. Direct mortgage lenders unlike mortgage brokers; also make sure to deliver their services and provisions on within the time specified by their clients according to their urgency. Another benefit of direct mortgage lenders is the affordability of their charges and fees which is often at a contrast with the heftier fees that a mortgage broker demands.

As mortgage brokers outsource their deal and process to third parties who handle the actual acquisition of the loan, the charges for mortgage brokers are naturally higher. Whereas, direct mortgage lenders take care of the entire process, since the beginning till acquisition by themselves and thus they charge reasonably for their services. In terms of customer service, a direct mortgage lender has the distinct advantage over any mortgage broker. The direct mortgage lender handles the entire process, and can honestly tell you what you need to know, every step of the way. Whereas, the mortgage brokers involve a third party and shops your application around without having any direct knowledge about your genuine problems. Now the challenge lies in finding out an efficient and genuine direct mortgage lender, but the same task can be achieved through references from friends, neighbors and relatives who have a prior experience and knowledge about the field. Apart from that you can also shop around for the best and most apt deal suiting your finances.