Do I Really Want to Eat Out Today??

Don’t get me wrong… I love to eat out.  Cooking at home means that your kitchen gets dirty, you have a ton of dishes to wash up and then there are all the crumbs that you find everywhere! So, as I said before I love to go out to restaurants, but there are a lot of things that I don’t like too. I’m sure that you will have suffered some of the items on my list. Take a look and if you have more to offer, leave me a comment. Maybe together we can change a few things!!

* Patrons wearing too much perfume… how can you enjoy a meal when all you can smell is someone’s perfume!

* Someone having an argument… although at one point this actually turned into dinner theatre, although at the time it was kind of scary!

* Unruly children. If you are going to take your children out to dinner with you, pick a family style restaurant. Cranky children are more expected/accepted at that kind of restaurant!
* Service takes too long. At least give us some idea of why things are taking the amount of time that they are! There are actually restaurants out there who cook from scratch. That takes time… I am willing to wait if that is the case.

* Restaurant is too cold. This usually happens when there has been a heatwave. The air conditioning gets cranked up and then the temp drops and the restaurant doesn’t adjust the air conditioning. If you have to borrow a jacket to put over your legs and feet… it’s too cold!

* Too many tables squeezed into a small room. I really have no interest in listening to other people’s conversations or having their little darling, grab a fish full of my hair from the nearby table. Yes, it has happened.

So, if you own a restaurant and are perusing this list, now you know what annoys the average person. It only takes one bad experience to make someone decide not to return.

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