Do You Access Facebook Via Your Mobile?

Hard to believe that Facebook launched just six years ago and now has over 500 million active users, 50 per cent of which log on to the site in any given day. It’s the social networking site that has taken over (most of) the world. It is now the most used social network service and with the growing number of mobile device users, it begs the question: Is mobile the primary method by which people access Facebook?

Facebook’s Press room offers its own statistics about mobile and tells us that 40 percent of its active users (that’s a whopping 200 million) are currently accessing FB through mobile devices and that those users are twice as active as non-mobile users. That figure has grown from 65 million in 2009. If growth like that continues, it won’t be long before mobile is overwhelmingly the primary method by which users are accessing FB- and how!

Facebook CTO, Mr Bret Taylor took the floor recently at Inside Social Apps, saying that with such a large amount of Facebook users accessing via their mobile devices that it makes sense “… to make Mobile our primary focus for our platform this year”. Taylor said the company had tremendous engineering challenges in ensuring an even experience across all of its web and mobile presences. Facebook has already introduced a single sign-on facility for ease of use, which has been welcomed but there is much more work to do. Hopefully Facebook will fully address and ultimately enhance mobile user experience in 2011 (watch out for HTML5!!).

iPhone or iPad devices account for how a half of all users engage with the FB site. Blackberry client for Facebook claims 60 million users and the more recent Android already has 12 million users. This really is an exciting time for Facebook and mobile to collaborate and make for an all-round better experience for consumers.

So mobile is not the primary method for accessing Facebook. Surely it won’t be long before it is. There seems to be no waning for the popularity of either the social networking site itself or for mobile devices and there is an increasingly exciting time ahead for both, I believe. With that in mind, mobile marketers are closely watching how each is trending so that they can predict what their target audience is buying and using. Mobile marketing, too, is really growing quickly and if your business hasn’t caught on yet, it is time you took a closer look.