Mom Is Given The Scare Of Her Life When Doberman Drags Her Baby Across The Yard

Catherine Svilicic, mother to a 17-month-old was pretty excited to see how well her baby and her dog Khan would get along. But when she saw Khan tossing her, she was shocked. To find out what happened, keep on reading. I promise it’s going to be really good.

The Story of Khan

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Catherine was a resident of Cairns, Australia. She was living with her family when they decided they needed to add a furry friend to the family. She visited the local shelter where she saw Khan. There, she was told that this Doberman was abandoned but really loving and affectionate. Catherine decided that an animal with such traits should be great near kids, so she took him home.

Are Dobermans Agressive?

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Dobermans, just like any other dog, might be affectionate when treated with respect. But, they have the potential to be extremely dangerous when mistreated. Khan was abandoned, so maybevhe already had bitter taste in his mouth when it came to humans. Was it really a good idea to bring Khan close to her kid?

Scared of Dobermans

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The people at the shelter said that most people are scared of Dobermans. Families didn’t want to bring an aggressive dog into their house. Khan was up for adoption for two years, and no one had wanted to adopt him.

Eventually, He Was Chosen

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Catherine felt sad for this poor Doberman and his past and decided to help him. Catherine knew that if the dog was met with love and care, there’d be no reason for violent behavior.

Introducing a New Member to the Family

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The Svilicics had a new addition to the family right after their baby. They wanted the baby to grow up with a dog as there are dozens of benefits of doing so.

Tough Times

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However, it was easier said than done. Had been living in a cage for so long, Khan forgot what it was like to have a life of freedom. But his family was willing to struggle hard to get him used to the new atmosphere, and they’d eventually succeed.

The Incident

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Fast forward four months later, Khan had grown used to the family quite a bit. He and the baby were playing in the garden, Catherine was close by when the unthinkable would happen.

Having Fun

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The baby and the dog were having fun. Catherine was constantly staring at them from the kitchen window. It was as if she knew something was about to happen…

Grabbing the Baby

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In the blink of an eye, the dog grabbed the baby from his diaper and tossed her away. Catherine just stood there and watched in a state of shock. She had no idea what to do. The ran to grab her baby and she arrived just in time to find out the truth!


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Catherine sprinted outside and picked up her crying baby. Little Charlotte seemed unharmed after being tossed around like, quote, ‘a rag doll’. After she knew her baby was okay, she paid attention to the dog a few feet away.


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The dog was on the ground, lying motionless. Catherine was extremely confused about what was happening. At first, she was concerned for her baby, but now, her concern had turned to Khan.

The Hero

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She suddenly realized that something was about to attack and Khan threw the baby out of harms’ way. But, the attacked struck Khan instead. Without even thinking about it, Catherine drove Khan straight to the vet.

A snake

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The vet finally told Catherine what had happened. A venomous snake had bitten the dog on his front leg. And she explained what is now obvious, that the dog’s intention was to save Charlotte from the snake, but he got hurt instead.

A Happy Ending

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Fortunately, things ended well for both Charlotte and Khan. It took him some time, but he survived and recovered to go back to his home. This is how they both look now.