Does age matter in a relationship?

I don’t think age matters at all in a relationship. Who said that just because two people may have woken up to the same sunsets for forty years should necessarily belong together in a possible relationship. True, they may have shared similar experiences (for their years), maybe liked the same music, saw the same movies. But it doesn’t necessarily make two people compatible-chemistry does. Getting to know each other, and possibly develop it into a relationship, through chemistry is what matters. Between the sexes. there has been a never-ending war of guys being referred to as “old fools” for dating younger women; and women being referred to as “cougars”, et al. The battle with the ages is a never-ending battle that has gone on for countless years.

In a more liberated, open and freer society-that has seen the unfettering of the shackles from ages old-both sexes can now freely explore dating so-called “younger” people. In a world dominated by economic ups and downs like a rollercoaster, fears over a collapsing environment, wars and the threats of much larger conflict on top of everything else, two people of the opposite (or maybe the same gender), who may have five, ten and even fifteen or more years between them should be a trivial manner. But still there are looks, smart remarks, innuendo and the such when they are seen together.

In a society where first marriages are usually called the “starter”-marriage, and most marriages ending up in divorce anyways, age shouldn’t really matter. It doesn’t necessarily mean that the age difference necessarily contributes to this in any shape and form. Just that people who are in possibly good relationships should not find themselves in a storm of criticism by people, who may, themselves, be in a damaged…and possibly dying relationship. To each their own, and whatever makes people happy.

In a world sometimes wrought by unhappiness, it’s nice to see a spark of love between a couple…irregardless of age. When people criticize relationship-different-agers, it also helps to ferment the misery. Age shouldn’t matter if two people love each other. Even if they don’t, who cares…People can have fun, be with each other, probably have sex. It’s terrible to see criticism and question-mongering for two people who are just happy to be with each other, if even for the moment. Age should never matter in a relationship-just those who criticize, mock, slander and defame-without looking at themselves.