Does he/she worth to be your love… or just another date?

Stop that hanky panky guys.

Let see if he or she is the right person in your life. Here is your checklist to know that.

  • Does he/she has that “euwww” habit that makes you wanna kill your date? Yes, this may include farting during dating. It is a BIG NO! Walk over as quick as you can. No need to complete this whole checklists, you’re done!
  • Does he/she always talk about him/herself and not interested about yours? Well, he might be a well-known baseball player or she might be an almost famous Hollywood superstar; but hey, you guys are dating, he/she must be interested to know more about you… no matter how boring or sad your life was. It is all about getting to know your partner better during this dating stage.
  • Does he/she ever makes you smile? Not everyone are rewarded with sense of humor. We have to admit that it is gifted. But everybody can make jokes… although somebody might make a lousy one (did you remember Chandler from FRIENDS?). You partner must be able to make you smile. He/she must has that super power to shine your day.
  • How about a fight? Fighting is bad for a relationship. But, fighting is also an essential element in your relationship. Nobody knows what exactly what you want from you partner. So, if you haven’t been in a fight with your partner, start one… a small one. But not on stupid issue, or you will get dump… because being too idiot. In the fight, look how he/she handle the situation. Can you accept that type of anger? You answer yourself.
  • Does he/she talks about the future? Most successful relationships start with a dream. A dream to be together forever. A dream which starts with a plan. Plans of having 3 kids named Amanda, Kendall and Kim, 2 dogs named Molly and Golly and whatever…. If he/she ever talks or mention about the future… perhaps both of you are in the course to take the relationship to the next level

Looks, characteristic and background are also important before you consider him or her the one. But, you might know about them before you dating him/her, right?