Does Obama deserve the Nobel Peace Prize?

I am a scientist by profession and rarely get motivated to raise an opinion on a cruel world of politics. But on hearing the news of President Obama getting the Nobel peace prize managed to get  more than a raised eyebrows from me and I became compelled to give my opinion on something I avoided so far in my life.

What a joke this world has become. The peace prize should go to someone who is avidly working towards bringing peace into this corrupt world and has at least shown an evidence of such efforts. Someone who goes against the odds and does something miraculously great which has made lives easier for some people?  I am sorry Mr President Obama you have done no such thing. You talk about peace but your actions and efforts are poles apart.

You would deserve this prize, had you withdrawn your troops from various parts of world and had urged the others to do the same.

You would deserve the prize, had you given up your nuclear weapons and then urged the others to give up theirs. It does not make sense that you are keeping your nuclear weapons intact and then have the audacity to ask others to give up theirs? It does not make sense that you are continuing with the war to bring peace? It’s an utter comic story and to be absolutely honest it makes me sick.

It is like an animal welfare organisation giving a research company Nobel Prize because they are using animals humanly in their animal testing? Or giving prize for creating a pollution free world by promoting industries and factories? Or better still, awarding parents the Prize for developing a discipline in their children by slapping them.

President Obama would get my vote for bringing a fresh change to the politics but as far as the Nobel peace Prize goes, I am sorry to say he does NOT deserve it at all!