Does promoting with social network really works

Which social network works the best for articles promotion? I use all of them. I use twitter, digg, delicious, reddit, stumple upon, fark, yahoo buzz, and facebook. These are some of the most popular social networks out there. They’re more popular than others network like jumptags, bebo, blogger, and so on. I think you might be ineffective if you use the ones that are not popular since people won’t visit you and it’s time consuming to use those networks too. It takes me about an hour to finish promoting each day so if a network doesn’t work I would never use it again. I followed my stats and learned that Twitter, reddit, dig, and stumple upon are some of the best networks for returning visits. People came to me from these networks but they don’t come to me from the other networks.

Promoting your websites or articles are helpful. I find that it’s helpful but only temporarily. After the day of your promotions, people rarely ever come back. This is the worst part. You spend your time promoting and then they don’t come so you have wasted those time promoting but it’s hard to not promote. You never know sometimes. Reddit and Twitter are two of the top network for me. I’ve always seen visitors from these two networks more than all the other network. You might try these if you’re into promotions.

Promotions are only temporary but it helps build your brands or websites. It’s hard to build your articles since people don’t remember your article that well but they remember the name of the website better. Promotion is good for a website owner. Even if they don’t come back, they will remember and know who you are the next time they need an article. Promotions work for website owners more than writers. Unless you own a website, you can only get temporary traffic from these networks. If you write for a website, the best traffic is from the community and users of the community. Search engines don’t even bring that much traffic anyways. You have to rely on the community overall for your traffic. This has been my experience with social network promotions.

Search engines are so hard to attract nowadays with tons of competition. Yahoo and google are the harder one to work. Bing gives me a lot of traffic but not google or Yahoo. They have higher requirements in ranking. You have to be really popular and high in quality for them to put you on the first page. They won’t do that for a new website or some articles out there that are just like thousands of others. It’s frustrating if you’re waiting for traffic from google or yahoo. You have to do it on your own. There are community traffic exchange program like outbrain to help drive traffic to your website. You have to use all other helps and don’t rely entirely on search engines because they won’t be that reliable. They change constantly too. You might rank lower than last year with all of those competitions out there. You will still need to promote to gain additional traffic to your websites. Once people know and like you they will come back for more.