Don't Let Anyone Down

Practice what you preach. The most common mistake people make is to break promises. If a friend has asked you to help him/her decorate their house over the weekend, do not simply state a positive answer just to “get it over with.” If one truly cannot make such coordination, be able to back yourself with a truthful and sincere excuse. Most importantly, be able to talk to the person in advance. Preserve a good reputation.

Raise awareness within you. Let’s keep in mind that one of the most powerful tools to keeping people happy is through the act of selflessness. If you are successful at any given activity, and a friend happens to share similar interests, why not help him climb the ladder along with you? How are you any different? Just keep in mind that when lending a hand, gratitude will always be on your side, even if not noticeable. Stay focused. When someone asks for a favor you are unable to grant, it is always helpful to postpone the favor for a later date, rather than simply canceling altogether. Why say “No, I cannot do that for you” when it is better to state “You know, I am a little busy at the moment, BUT…how about we do this at a later date?” This way, you will give people a clear understanding for not fulfilling their wish, and simultaneously satisfy the individual nonetheless.

Never state what you do not mean. Words are simply words, while actions can deliver powerful proof of who you are. When someone is in need of help, put yourself in their shoes! How would you react if you needed assistance, but none could be found?