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Crush: a thriller ridiculous, referring to a twenty year Elwes reporter who seeks to increase the time, compulsive fourteen old Lolita Silverstone. Young reporters as soon as you can see that the girl has a crush on him. Starring: Cary Elwes, Alicia Silverstone, Jennifer Rubin, Amber Benson, Kurtwood Smith, and Gwyneth Walsh. (89 min, 1993)

Spungen: Director Cox has a master level of a documentary-reality. Then, the strands of the icons of metaphorical imagination, with surprising results. In the center of the film are two incredible performances by Goldman and Webb, who did not seem to act at all: They are Sid and Nancy. The movie is depressing, no doubt, yet captivating. (105 minutes, 1969)

Cul-De-Sac: macabre comedy in two gangsters who terrorize injured middle-aged milquetoast and his wife beautiful. Not a single winner, but excellent actors and the direction in fashion, making it a good movie. Cast includes Donald Pleasence, Françoise died, Lionel Stander, Jack MacGowrah lying carrier, and Jacqueline Bisset. (111 minutes, 1966)

Lunch Wagon Girls: Ball turns to the researcher in this melodrama and face the strange and painful experience to monitor the murderess. This film is excellent, and the cast at the top. Starring: Lucille Ball, Charles Coburn, Alan Mowbray, Cedric Hardwicke, Boris Karloff and George Zucco. (95, min 1968)

Cop Land: Freddy Hanlin is the Sheriff of Garrison, New Jersey, a small town not far from New York. Freddy always want to be a cop in New York, but is a little deaf, could not. When internal investigator Mo Tilden is evident in the city in search of potential police corruption, Freddie took up the cause and began to help. Freddie is about to learn that he has always idolized men could do very bad things.

The big lie: Brent Davis, married after the interruption of commitment Astor. Astor is to bring a child. It was lost in a plane crash, leaving Davis and pregnant Astor to fight each other, and all the complications. Starring: Mary Astor, Bette Davis, George Brent, Lucile Watson, Hattie McDaniel, Mitchell, licenses, and Jerome Cowan. (107 minutes, 1941)

The Rock: General Francis Hummel is angry with the U.S. government for not honoring men who have since died in covert operations. It’s so outraged by this accusation that takes a group of tourists visiting Alcatraz Prison closed, and keep them as hostages. He plans to release toxic gases on the city of San Francisco if his demands are not met. The team likely that a biological weapons expert and former prisoner of Alcatraz, must sneak up on the island to thwart the plot.

Dinosaur Disney story of a family of dinosaurs raised lemurs. Meteor strike on Earth has other dangers. Starring Ossie Davis, Max Casella, Hayden Panettiere, Samuel E. Wright, Julianna Margulies, Peter Siragusa, and Joan Plowright. (82, min 2000)

House on 92nd Street: wake up the documentary-style drama based on the film. This is the truth and orchestrated on true locations around exercises against FBI-espionage throughout WW2: Nazi representatives operating in New York trying to steal some of the secrets of the atomic bomb. Charles G. Booth made an Oscar for this story. Cast includes William Eyth, Lloyd Nolan, Signe Hasso, Gene Lockhart, Leo G. Carroll, and Lydia Clair. (88 minutes, 1945)

Sofie: Illman’s directorial debut is a, who also co-wrote is careful, however slight. Copenhagen, which is powerless to withdraw from the customs of the family, the compensation he is one of the possibilities is true love. Starring: Karen Minster, Erland Josephson, Ghita Norby, Jesper Christensen, Torben Zeller, and Stig Hoffmeyer. (146 min, 1992)

South of Heaven West of Hell: Normal Western plot line of redemption pits marshal Yoakam in a battle against his old outlaw gang led by the biblical patriarch Askew-toting. Cast includes Dwight Yoakam, Vince Vaughn, Billy Bob Thornton, Bridget Fonda, Peter Fonda, Paul Reubens, Bud Cort, Bo Hopkins, Matt Clark, Noble Willingham, Scott Wilson, Luke Askew, Michael Jeter, Joe Ely, and Warren Zevon. (127 minutes, 2000)