Dr. Oz Reviews The Hcg Diet on His Show For a 2Nd Time

Human chorionic gonadotropin or (HCG)—What is it and does it work?

The HCG substance is the hormone present in your body while you are pregnant. It can actually cause you to burn up to 2,500 more calories per day. This is a fact, it is true but losing weight that fast might also cause you to binge eat and put it on even quicker

What were the results and outcomes that Dr. Oz found and presented on his show? So many people say it works but there is also so much controversy. Craig Primack, MD from Arizona see’s a ton of patients many have lost 30 plus lbs on the HCG diet but shortly after they gained it back plus interest.  He claims it increases testosterone in females and increases estrogen production in the body. He agrees with the other panel experts that the low calorie intake may also hurt the metabolism by slowing it down.  The biggest controversy is the low 500 calories per day that is the caloric intake on most HCG diets. Much of the crash weight loss is muscle. Susan lost 75lbs and says the first week was tough. It was some adjustment to her eating and her lifestyle. She liked that her hunger decreased each week with injections of HCG.  Dr. Oz showed a chart that showed a 4 week study where the patients lost 13 lbs with 11 lbs of fat and 2 lbs of muscle. A placebo group was given saline shots instead of HGC and they lost the same 13lbs but 8 lbs of fat and 5 lbs of muscle. Dr. Oz claims that all over the counter HGC Drops are bogus and claimed to be fraudulent by the FDA.  They just don’t work and from my personal first person experience they taste very bad. The taste alone may be enough to keep you from wanting to overeat.

Here is my first person actual experience on the HCG shots; At first it really freaked me out giving myself shots in the stomach. But then I kept telling myself it was an all natural hormone.  The shots must be refrigerated and I just didn’t always have access to a refrigerator. I did lose 8 lbs of body fat the very first week of the 550 calorie diet. So I gave it a try for a second week as well. I was excited but let me tell you this was not easy. I am use to eating my three meals a day and a couple of small snacks. They cut your calories down to a whopping 550 calories a day. One of the great claims of HCG practitioners is that the hormone staves off hunger for most people. I was cranky and hungry. I need more than the 550 calories a day allowed. They give you this cook book and tell you how great it is to have lettuce tacos and all the fantastic recipes. I even took a prescription diet pill along with the program to curb my appetite and I am not the type of person that can subsist on 550 calories a day. Appetite suppressant or not. My mother just raved about how great the HCG diet program is and how it resets your metabolism and helps you lose weight quickly and effectively

In the end I learned more about myself. I need to come to terms with my hunger, exercise every day, drink water and cut calories. There is no quick fix or easy way out for me. The HCG program was just too stringent for me to stick to. Lastly, no one knows the long term effects of injecting yourself with a hormone, natural or not. No one really knows the consequences. So for me I am going to lay off the fad diets and keep working hard to achieve my goals.

Dr. Oz does say in closing that no one knows the long term outcome of this type of diet and you need to remember that you are participating in a study when you choose to take these shots.