Dream Theater: The Greatest Hits

For some people, the best compilation album or a greatest hits is the recollection of the creative journey. Make some more: a way to “extend the breath”

Yes, indeed there are tricks to use “the best” to keep the name, talents like a long time around, but I visit to get a second wind, to reach the top again. (The last, I was far different carry the same way other money)

But, make Dream Theater, so the case is different. This compilation album can be viewed as a media will create the world Dream Theater. Media began to recognize that in addition to the uses progressive music, they do have a sentimental side (the reason, this album is divided in two CDs, Dark Side and Light Side). Media career to learn that during twenty years more of a star, they also met the same love-hate relationship with the mainstream music industry.

Like the title will be quite odd – The Greatest HITS, not Hits – that it’s a signal that denotes their relationship with the music industry. Just imagine. The  22 songs that are in there, which could be hit as is Pull Me Under (Images and Words, 1992). Because officially, so it was that song which never airplay on radio and MTV and enter the Billboard charts, to compete with the other mainstream songs. For the newbie  who not want to download entire albums, try this compilation feasible. Who is the die-hard fans. not need to create their own compilation.