Dressing for Virginia: A Fashionista’s Climate

    Here comes the tourism pitch: from the Appalachian Mountains to the Atlantic Ocean and the Potomac River to North Carolina, Virginia boasts a range of beautiful sights, fun-loving people, and a never-ending list of things to do. And the fact that I’m native to the Commonwealth hasn’t swayed my opinion of the state at all. (Wink.) But even if the thought of colonial Williamsburg or Civil War battlefields sends you into snore mode, no fashionista can complain about Virginia’s mild climate. After all, the Old Dominion offers opportunities for you to brandish your Uggs AND your Rainbows. Many times, you could wear either one without a problem (i.e., sweaty toes or frostbitten ones.)

            Virginia’s mild climate makes dressing a pleasure every day of the year, even for the most contrary of gals. Wintertime heralds very little snowfall in most parts of the state but it’s still not quite as warm here as in our other Southern Sisters. In other words, you’ll definitely need a sweatshirt and likely a light coat in November but, chances are, you can store your snowsuit most of the season, save for a couple of days in December, January, or February. This means you can enjoy sporting everything that’s cute about winter fashion without having to worry about what I call “winter uglies”—bulky shell parkas, awkward Long Johns—which are, unfortunately, necessary in colder climates.

            Virginia’s spring is gorgeous and very convenient when it comes to dressing. In fact, sunny weather, low humidity, and a slight breeze are the norm—making any fashionista swoon. You can wear anything from a sundress to jeans and blouse in complete comfort and style.

            Summer is generally much more humid and hotter than spring, especially if you head out to the Tidewater region. Bring out your summer fashions because you will definitely need them; shorts and a bikini top should suit you just fine. (Well, I personally go with something more modest, like cropped jeans and a blouse, but if you’re all for showing off your assets, then Virginian summers provide the perfect chance for you to flaunt your skin.)

            Autumn is quite similar to the springtime, although a little cooler but usually not until later in the season. Whether you’re going leaf peeping, picking apples, or touring Richmond, you can dress in style. Again, you can get away with dresses and light sweaters more often than not. Many of my friends and I wear sandals in October, even November, without a care—and certainly without shivering.

            So if you plan on visiting Virginia anytime soon, don’t fret about what to wear. The Commonwealth’s lovely climate makes a T-shirt and jeans suitable most days of the year. Focus more of your time on listening to your tour guide…without nodding off.