Due Date Overview

The story begins with Peter on his method to the airport to get back to his pregnant spouse in L.A., who is due in seven days. Peter and Ethan first meet each other after a fender bender between their cab drivers. An unintentional bag alternate takes place and Peter is left holding Ethan’s “treatment”. The characters later meet on the airplane and we get to see extra of Robert Downey Jr’s crude humor and Zach Galifianakis’ quirkiness.

Todd Phillips is at it once more with the release of Due Date. A reasonably amusing comedy starring Robert Downey Jr. as Peter, an uptight bi-polar architect, and Zach Galifianakis as Ethan, a form-hearted, yet quirky aspiring actor. The driving drive of the film is Ethan, and he makes a disaster of every state of affairs he encounters.

After a sequence of occasions on the airplane, Peter and Ethan each discover themselves placed on a no-fly listing and should drive again to California. Sadly Peter left his belongs on the plane and has no means of getting again with out cash or an ID. The story picks up as Ethan offers Peter a journey in his rented car. All through the movie Ethan is continually pissing Peter off, and we get to see some hilariously vulgar monologues from Robert Downey Jr. Peter’s bi-polar feelings hold the viewer guessing, and I never knew if he was going to brush off a particular scenario or freak out at an insane level.

Peter and Ethan get to talking, and Peter begins to warm as much as Ethan when he finds out Ethan is transporting his father’s ashes with him to the Grand Canyon. Some pretty disturbing however hilarious scenes take place with the ashes. The trip to L.A. is anything however easy, and appearances from Danny Masterson and Jamie Foxx along the best way have been a deal with, especially Danny’s.

The story is portrayed very properly, and Todd Phillips does not stray removed from the fashion of The Hangover. I can’t actually say that I’ve any complaints about Due Date except that it could have been a bit longer. Due date is a good movie to see if you want to chortle your ass off and you like both of these actors as much as I do.