E-Commerce – Making First Steps – 1St Part

It is not a secret any more, that e-commerce is a new kind of business, which is gaining popularity very quickly nowadays. Are you wondering about the reasons? Or would like to launch own Internet shop? We will try to answer these questions in this 2-part article. So, this is the first part. After reading it you will know why you need an online shop, who needs the Internet shop, what does online shop consist of, how much staff is needed for online store, steps you should go through while creating an Internet store.

Online shop – why do you need?

This is he first question and the most common one. Is this a new branch of trade or just a fashion of this century? What steps you need to do while creating a Web store? Answers to these questions are quit very simple: Internet shop is an opportunity to develop a successful business, sometimes additional and sometimes the main. Catching offline commerce, you are limited to buyers who live in a certain area (street, district, city), but with the creation a store online you get another virtual trading point, which is available for residents of not only your city, but also for residents of other cities and even countries. In such way you get a business that operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and expand your sales channels.

Internet Shop – who need it?

Internet shop is needed by everyone. Companies, organizations and private entrepreneurs need it to sell their products on one hand. And visitors who want to buy these products without leaving a sofa, on the other.

Online shop – what does it consist of?

Online shop consists of two parts: the client’s and the administration part. Client’s part is a set of regular web pages, each of which has a product with detailed descriptions, specifications and images. All these pages are combined into one through a convenient site menu.

Administration panel is designed to control a store, it includes: product pages, options for displaying goods, design of a shop, categories of goods and commodities, ordering, registered customers, setting up shipping methods and payment, creating reports.

Online store – staff you will need

E-commerce business could be fully operated by just 3 people. They are administrator, driver and programmer.

Administrator manages an Internet store and consults clients.

Driver (Courier) delivers goods (if the first volume is small, we recommend to use specialized companies providing shipping services).

Programmer do implementation and configuration script of a store.

Internet store -steps in creating

In creating an online store you have to go through 5 stages:

1 – Advanced training – to decide what you want to sell in your web store

2 – Select the script – to decide which features for an Internet store is needed

3 – Settings – creating and setting up a shop design, creating and loading a list of items, with descriptions and pictures

4 – Promotion – search queries, PPC, advertising companies, everything to attract potential clients

5 – Operation – shop work

Congratulations! You have successfully passed your first training is launching e-commerce business. We will continue soon with detailed step-by-step guide in creating and operating an online shop in the second part of the article

Hope it will help you starting your e-commerce Toronto!