Eagles Jersey Is Loved By Football Enthusiasts

I am now saddened by the fact that I am here in Philadelphia. It is not that I do not want to be here. I just feel sad after moving out and now I am here starting all over again. I do not have any friends here yet. On ordinary Sunday I went to the grocery and bought some items. While I was there, I observed that most people are wearing the Eagles jersey. People here are just so fascinated by the players of football. People are so into sports especially football. The store was filled by many people and I really had a hard time making my way to the exit. For a few weeks, I watched the Eagles game and now I admit that I am a big fan of the Eagles.

I went to a mall and found two stores selling the Eagles jersey. I immediately went in the first store and found out that they have no more available adult size Eagles jersey. One lady asked me to try the Eagles jersey for young adults. However, it was totally small for me. I went to the next store but unfortunately, they also did not have adult Eagles jersey anymore. I went home sad without having to buy the Eagles jersey that I really wanted to have. When I arrived home, I immediately checked on the internet for any available Eagles jersey.

I found too many of them. Now I am thinking, what jersey number would I purchase? I really did not know any player yet. So I decided to pick out the name of a player that sports commentators always mention. I had to pay for the shipping fee for my Eagles jersey to be delivered at home. I browsed too many websites selling the Eagles jersey. I compared prices from one website to another and finally found the perfect jersey for me. Now I have an Eagles jersey that I would wear during the game this weekend. I also want to drop by the grocery shop and see if I could gain friends there now that I am wearing the Eagles jersey.

Wearing my Eagles jersey, I went into the store feeling really nervous. Just like before, the store was fully filled with people wearing the Eagles jersey. After shopping, I definitely made friends with other Eagles fans. Many have also invited me to watch the Eagles game with them. I also learned a lot about the team and its players. Hearing all the things about the team made me realize that I am truly a fan of the Eagles. Today I watch the Eagles game together with my new found friends. I even found myself watching the game in some of my friends’ living room. I am definitely having a great time with them. They are fun to be with and would want to spend more time watching the games with my friends. Now I am thinking of buying a new Eagles jersey and wear it on the next game next weekend.

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