Earning Passive Income

    Face book  is one of the social networking  sites  that has taken  the world by storm , every minute millions of people join Face book,  adding to the billions already members  ,In fact   a person who is not on Facebook    is as good as not living , If   social  media network  was food   then  Face book  will be pizza .   This is    to  illustrate how popular    Facebook   is to the average   person

Sociology   has been   taken  an astronomical level   ,  imagine , just by a click of  a button you can view the picture of a  long lost friend you have  not seen for decades and exchange photos, worse part is that    you may be forced by friendship to rate your friends  ugly photo’s  as cute,    just to maintain  friendship

Most times ,  guys   lie  about   there  profile to get more  friends ,nobody  will know that they are just managing  to eke out a living    in one corner of the world ,that’s  the beauty of it   all . Facebook  is my  daily tonic, without  it , some people would have been patients  in one mental  asylum or the other  ,thank God for its  healing effect ,the jokes ,the news , the pictures ,some of them   reminds  me of my carefree days .  

  Most people however join   Facebook   for purely business purposes, they are not there  to make friends  but to look for potential  customers  ,who  will blame them after all? Won’t the   fishes follow the flow of the river?   Be that as it may , the most annoying  are spammers,  they have no tact or decorum ,just in the middle of a very interesting discussion ,someone will just pop out of the blues and share one ugly looking  link , promoting  one thing or asking you  to join one program   .   

Recently ,they  have started associating  Facebook  with   the high level of divorce this days ,  pity , if you don’t  tell  your  spouse   those  sweet  words that there   faceless  Facebook   friends   dish out on a per second billing  . Every thing   good     requires     responsibility, you can not say because a dish is delicious and consume overdose, the same goes   for Facebook.  Some religious groups are now counseling   newly married couples to avoid been addicted   to face book ,whatever  happens ,the benefits  of Facebook  far out way the disadvantages

  This is why companies    have taken   advantage of  the large following in Facebook  to advertise and market there products and services , every business worth its salt  ,  now keep  and maintain a page where there  customers make comments and  check out  new products and services  . This is the niche market  where  Facebook jobs   has    taken over   ,most people    who want to work  part time ,just for a few hours a day ,drinking  coffee in  the  comfort of there  homes ,catching   there  fun and getting paid for it ,now look to Facebook jobs  as   there number   one  work at   home options  .  Companies   are busy   to maintain  this pages,   after all   it is part time   so it cost less to employ a freelancer ,this  is  the   main business  of Facebook jobs , maintaining  this  Facebook page.      Since  it requires  few hours  work  a day ,  therefore they  need   part  time workers, with just a little  knowledge of how to use facebook: :  even  my four year old son knows how  to use   it ,     who will be employed to manage there  Facebook  page on a partime basis  .   .Facebook  job is very interesting ,it is like somebody paying   you to eat  at your  favorite restaurant ,  this is why  Facebook  job has become one  of the highest  employment generating  businesses recently  and it   has become  a mini   gold rush