Easy to Follow Steps in Playing Dungeons & Treasures

Dungeons and Treasures is an RPG type game which enable its members to play and earn $$ at the end of each month by converting their golds to real money. If you are someone addicted to online games like Facebook application, this one is worth trying.

Here’s a step by step guide on how you can start playing Dungeons and Treasures:

1. Scroll down and look for TREASURE HUNT under BONUS menu. You are allowed to have one Treasure Hunt Bonus everyday where you can earn more GOLDS or a KEY which you can use to open the CHESTS ROOM (This is under the PLACE menu). Don’t worry you’ll get a hang of it after 2 to 3 log ins.

Once inside the TREASURE HUNT, “Have My Free Box of the Day” and then click on “Play the Free Treasure Hunt”. Click the part of the map that hasn’t been shaded to win random amount of gold or treasure key. If you have found GOLDS, then it will automatically credit on your GOLD POINTS. If you have found a KEY, you will need to go to the CHESTS ROOM and to open a CHEST that corresponds to the key which contain GOLDS or other gifts.

2. After that, go to TEMPLE under PLACE. You need to do this 4 consecutive days to win a GOLDS.

3. Go to SHOPS and buy weapons. I suggest that you purchase the STRONGEST WEAPON your gold can buy so that it will be easier to fight with the Monster. If you still have more GOLDS to spend, buy an ARMOR to protect you.

4. Once you are done buying, go to MY EQUIPMENT under YOU menu to equip yourself with the weapons and things you have bought from the SHOP.

5. Click on TAVERN under PLACE and look for a dungeon to explore. Enter that dungeon and begin your quest. Click on each item you see inside the dungeon. There are lots of golds, keys, potion and swords. Keep your quest until your time runs out or you can exit it and then return later to finish the quest. But you have to remember, DO NOT LEAVE or EXIT the DUNGEON as your quest for the day will end. You will have to wait for tomorrow for another dungeon to open.

If your weapon has broken, exit the dungeon, go to SHOPS>WEAPON SHOP and have it repaired.