Easy to make,great taste fishdish.

This is a really simple and really good recepie to make a fish dish. I have made it many times and if I don´t have any garlic at home, then I make it without. It´s also good. It´s so simple that anyone can make it and it has always been appreciated when I have had company.

Ellas fishdish: 2-3 potions.

One frozen block 400g of fish. (I have only tried with white fish but I can imagine that it would work just as good with salmon or any other fish)

3-6 tablespoons of green pesto.

1-2 cloves of garlic.

1-2 200g blocks of fetacheese. (Preferably the real one, but the sallad feta can be used.)

Set the owen on 200 C. Put the fish in a caserole for the owen. Put the pesto on top. Cut up the feta cheese and sprinkle over. Let the fish cook for aboute 35-40 min. Check so that it´s cooked through. Serve with jasmine rice and a nice tomato and onion sallad.

Really nice Tomato and onion sallad:

Slice 3 tomatoes and 1-2 onions, put the tomatoes and onions in layers in a bowl.

Mix 1/2 dl rapsseed oil with one clove of garlic in little pieces, one pinch of salt and one pinch of mixed pepper in a cup. Stir really good and pour over the tomato onion mix.

I do hope that you enjoy this recepie, for I have many times. Please look at my other articles for more tips that I have. I will put out more as I have time. This is my seccond, my first is a tea to build your immunesystem or fight of a cold. Thanks!!!