Easy way to Protect your Phone Using MTN Protect Application

MTN Ghana has announce yet another exciting service called MTN Protect, designed to protect your device and its content even in the event that your device is stolen or misplaced. How it works Once the service is installed and the user subscribed, you can retrieve your phone and do many other unbelievable activities (described below) when that phone is lost. The best thing about this service is that, the service works whether your SIM is still in the phone or not. In fact, regardless of the network (MTN or any other) to which the phone could be connected to, MTN Protect will still work! What it does In the event of a loss of your device, The MTN Protect Service allows you to: Remotely locate your phone Lock your phone and display your info on the phone screen Activate unstoppable alarm on your phone Enable Front and Back camera to take a photo of the one in possession of your phone Completely wipe all your personal data on your device (contacts, calendar, messages, images)

How to subscribe: First, send ‘Protect’ to MTN short code 1359 to receive the Application link. Installation of the Application: Click on the link to install the app on your device. Accept MTN Protect End User License Agreement Set up a 6-digit password for unlocking and accessing your web account. Click ‘Yes’ to pay monthly subscription (GHC 1) for the service and an SMS confirmation will complete your registration. Click “Next” to edit your information: Reward statement, Email address, Friend’s phone number, Home number Home address A web account will be created and confirmation sent to your email address provided. To locate your device, in an event of a loss, and perform any function using MTN Protect service, you must log into your personal web account at using your phone number and password. MTN Protect is a novelty. It’s one of a kind. So go on, share the good news to your family and friends to subscribe to this awesome service. Just send ‘Protect’ to 1359 or scan the QR code for quick access.