Easy ways to gear up your credit report

Your credit report contains both the good and bad aspects of your credit history.  Most all the monetary transactions you participate in are going to be in your credit report.  There are some easy methods, however, to make your credit report appear more remarkable.

Credit reporting agencies revolve primarily around your credit card history, then your auto loan and mortgage histories.  There are, nevertheless, other lesser reviewed payment histories that the credit reporting agencies generally ignore.  You can insist that your credit bureau report on these histories.

  • If you do business with a local credit union, chances are that they are not reporting to the credit bureaus.  You can appeal that the credit reporting agencies incorporate your history with the credit union into your report.
  • Your utility payment history is usually not tracked by your credit report.  Most people have a long, positive history with their utility companies.  This history reflects major, consistent payments from your earnings and these should be entered in your credit report.
  • Out of pocket health care payments are not generally found in your credit report.  If you are making such payments to a doctor, hospital, visiting nurses association, physical therapist, or long term care facility, asked that they be reflected in your credit report.
  • Rental payments to a landlord are usually only reported if they are late.  Your rent represents a substantial payment from your income and all the positive payments should be seen in your credit report.

These histories are not priorities for the credit reporting agencies, but when they are positive reflections of your credit record they can help raise your credit score.

To get these histories included in your report, you need to submit a written request.  Write a letter to the three major reporting agencies asking them to include these histories as part of your credit report.  Attach documentation and cancelled checks to prove your payments are up to date and regular.

The credit reporting agencies are not required to include these items in your credit report, but if you document everything thoroughly and pay their fee, they should cooperate with your request.

These histories are reflective of your daily life and speak strongly to your character, you should make certain they are part of your credit report in order to give those who would investigate a well rounded idea of your commitments and how you live up to them.  Such positive inclusion is bound to raise your credit score.