Eating Into The Wrong Knowledge Can Destroy You

“Do not eat from the tree of knowledge, good, or bad”

By Yahuwah

Eating from the fruit of good or bad is a decision that every man has to choose.   A evil fruit or bad fruit is the opposite of which is good (love = life) (hate = death) biting into the wrong fruit will lead you in the wrong direction when the seed that was planted harvest it’s hard to get back in the right direction.  God is a forgiving God when you let it go he’ll let it go, meaning when you ask for forgiveness he’ll for give you.  David (Pronounced: Darveed) said “He forgives your iniquities as far as the east is from the west.  Eating from the wrong fruit can bring you or pull you from God the more you bite into that fruit the further it pulls, its harder to get in shape then it is to get out of shape.  Staying on the right path takes hard work and dedication once you train your mind every minute, hour, and second of everyday your exercise becomes easier but your focus has to be on the creator you must take on the mind of the creator taking on the mind of the heavenly father is the best thing that a man can do for his life.  If god is the creator and taking on his mind creates ideas in your mind, so when you have a creative idea it will not be hard for that creativity to exist in the world.  We are creators it is easier when we take on the mind of the creator.  If I want a house and my mind is in the right place the house will come with out worries.  God is the goodfruit we need to bite into, learning about what’s good for us and what is bad for us is important it makes a difference in our lives.  Most people who do what is bad is blind from the truth, some can see but don’t have the will power to activate the goodness in them.  Remember this, always plant good seeds in your kids , so they can always bite into goodfruit not taking their minds off God but taking on the mind of God