Education is Expensive

Education is a primary need of every human being. Education should not be taken lightly, because education will enhance human dignity.
Education is a conscious and planned effort to create an atmosphere of learning, and learning process so that students can actively develop the potential for him to have the spiritual power of religion, self-control, personality, intelligence, noble character and skills necessary for life provision in the future.
Education serves to develop students’ potential, with emphasis on the acquisition of knowledge and functional skills, as well as an emphasis on mastery of a professional attitude and personality development.
Every human being demanded to master science and technology. For people who do not have the education, then naturally be excluded from those who have higher education changes and dynamics of modern society require the nation-state for mastering information, science and technology. Nations that do not menguasinya it by itself will hegemony by the nation-state that controls the forward wave of civilization information.
Formal education is an activity that is systematic, structured, multilevel, in stages, starting from elementary school through college and a commensurate denganya; including activity-oriented studies on academic and general, specialized programs and professional training. Formal education is conducted in a continuous time until someone has gained diplomas
Informal education is a process that berlagsung all ages so that everyone acquire values, attitudes, skills and knowledge that comes from everyday life experiences. Informal education includes environmental impact includes the effect of family life, relations with neighbors, environment and employment.
Non-formal education is any organized and systematic activities, outside the established school system. Non-formal education conducted independently or is an important part of social activities.