Electronic gifts that will be used throughout the year

The range of electronic devices available as gifts increases almost on a daily basis. Within really short time-frames these goods improve in quality and performance but decrease in price! Within this range of products are a range of potential gifts that can be used the whole year round and in most cases for many years to come. These gifts range from very inexpensive but useful items to devices that will incur considerable expense.

MP3 Players

The Apple ipod is the most well known of the miniature portable MP3 players. The range of models cover a broad price range from the basic Shuffle to the Nano. A case of you get what you pay for. The more expensive models have a display for photos and videos on a micro but quality screen. The Ipod is trendy and stylish.

However, the copycats were close to follow, and there are now a wide variety of similar devices from a range of manufacturers. These vary in quality but do exactly the same thing. Prices are a fraction of the Apple original.

Ipod accessories

For the person that already has an ipod, a wide range of accessories is available. These make for perfect gifts. The ipod docking station and external speakers transform the ipod into a mini hi-fi.

Game players

The PSP or Play Station Portable is a great gift for someone that enjoys electronic games. The PSP also doubles up as a portable DVD player.

Computer accessories

For someone that is tied to their machine buy a wireless keyboard and mouse combo. These can also be used on the latest cell phones!

A wireless network is a great addition to any home that has more than one computer. As with all the electronic goods, the price goes down while the quality goes up. But the current generation of wireless hubs are more than adequate for the average home.

Portable memory comes in a number of forms, ranging from the flash drive which provides a simple and effective method of storing files on a temporary basis to an external hard drive. The external hard drive is great for someone that has a huge music, video or photo collection on their computer. This also doubles-up as an excellent place to backup the machine.

Memory sticks are also very portable and useful. Just make sure that you get one that is compatible for the intended device.

Portable DVD player

A portable DVD player is ideal for those long journeys where a movie will help to keep the kids peaceful and happy. A portable DVD player is also useful for people that travel or spend time commuting by train. Charge it in the car or at home and watch anywhere.

Digital Cameras

Digital cameras have come of age! High resolution cameras are available without huge expense but don’t be surprised to se the same camera at a lower price in a few months!

A photo printer

For someone that already has a digital camera, buy a photo printer! These come in a variety of sizes and prices and are mostly very good and reasonable priced. Provide a pack of photographic paper to get started. It is wonderful to be able to print your best pictures at a moment’s notice.

Digital Projector

A digital projector will project anything from a DVD movie, a TV programme or from the computer onto a nice white screen. Try it with a surround sound home theatre system to experience home movies in real cinematic style! The price of these has dropped dramatically over the last few years making it another essential for home entertainment.

Household electronic appliances

What about buying a plasma or LCD screen? Available is a wide range of sizes, these are gifts for very special people. If it’s for your wife then you benefit too!

A home theatre sound system provides surround sound for your plasma screen or projector.

DVD players are still a proposition. The newer High Definition (DH) devices have not standardised on there format so rather wait until they do!


Buy a computer for your computer illiterate spouse! Every type of computer is now much better and cheaper than ever before! Think about the choice – a laptop, palmtop, desktop, or compact laptop. Even the cheapest provide a lot of processing power and a range of useful accessories and features.