Elegance of iPhone

It is undeniable that Apple have the best design that almost everybody is trying to imitate, consciously and subconsciously.

One of the elements that make Apple designs so elegant and cool is the symmetry on as many as possible axis, including the position of the screen on the vertical axis. This is something that almost no one understands when trying to copy them, including this design.

The aluminum used on the iPhone 5 (latest smart phone from Apple) is much thinner than it was on the first iPhone and the result is a surprisingly light handset. It’s almost too light. I prefer a phone with some heft to it and the new iPhone took a bit of getting used to, especially considering I had often been using an iPhone 4S, a DROID INCREDIBLE 4G LTE and a Lumia 900 ahead of the iPhone 5′s release, all of which are heavy devices.

From the oleo phobic glass face and the smooth aluminum back to the matte metal bezel with polished chamfered edges, everything about the new iPhone screams high end. The pieces align perfectly, the parts are all snug, the lines are well thought out and elegant, the buttons do not wobble, and there are no rattles or creaks whatsoever. The iPhone 5 is truly amazing considering where Apple’s rivals at in terms of materials and build quality.

I am not recommending you guys anything particular, but if you like to buy something that really give a sense of elegance to your life, the way you communicate and not give a sense of holding a Brick in hand all the time. Then Apple is your first choice.

Go to nearby store and check out the iDevices available. Trust me you don’;t have to be confuse on this, as a developer and as a user I can assure you, you won’t regret this.