Email Marketing Campaign Mistakes

As a business owner, you try to save a little money by doing marketing yourself instead of hiring a marketing firm to do it for you. However, many business owners may make several mistakes using email marketing campaigns.

When setting up an email marketing campaign, many business owners use promotional materials in their emails and this promotional material may be tagged as spam. Every day most internet users are bombarded with spam from all over the world. You may receive unsolicited emails which are marketing emails, but you may not be interested in receiving these emails as you may not be interested in what the sender is selling. A critical mistake that business owners make when setting up these marketing campaigns is issuing emails that are construed as spam. Due to this, these emails that you are sending, may never reach the intended recipient or the emails are being deleted without ever being read. To insure that the email is received and not sent to spam, business owners need to make sure that the promotional emails contain useful information rather than appearing as blatant advertising. Most recipients will be inclined to read the email and the promotional material and it will also help the email from being tagged as spam.


Another email marketing mistake that is made by business owners is not ensuring that a follow up is done on the promotional emails. When you send out emails to interested parties, it is beneficial, but it will be more beneficial if the emails are followed up by other methods. Reaching out via phone or mail to let them know that you are there to answer any of their questions is more effective than sending out another email. Everyone receives a massive amount of emails and just because they read the first email, does not mean that they would read the second email so using another form of communication is critical.

Business Owners do not always understand that with these email marketing campaigns, they can receive an influx of customers contacting them after they send the email out. The express purpose of email marketing was to generate increased interest in your business or product, but some business owners lack the foresight to see that it could actually work. It is critical that business owners understand that there is a potential for an influx of customers contacting them and be prepared to accomodate this increase. Otherwise, it is more than likely that these customers would look at the business owners competitors who may be prepared to accomodate them.
Lastly a critical mistake that business owners make is to not produce an email marketing campaign that is actually tailored to their specific target. This can cause the campaign to be less effective or not effective at all. When creating an email campaign, it is not always necessary to create one that targets a large audience. As a business owner, you would rather create a campaign that targets the right consumer at a smaller group than a larger group that is not correct. With the smaller group being more accurate, business owner’;;;;s have a greater chance of actually selling more product than they would if they targeted a large group of the wrong customers. 
When setting up these email campaigns, it is best to use an autoresponder so that you can keep track of it better and not have the consumers response going to your spam. It also allows for future correspondence being easier and less time consuming when putting together new campaigns.