Emergency Kit Tips

The first thing to put into the emergency kit is food and water.  The food should be something that is easily opened and has a long shelf life. Some of the best food for this is protein bars and meal replacement bars. Bottle water is good, but the ideal water for your emergency kit is vitamin water, but any water will do.

The next most important thing to put into your emergency kit is flashlights, you have to have light. You also need a radio to get news updates. They make many radios that have flashlights built into them, and some even feature a crank to power them. You should also include plenty of batteries that fit your flashlight and radio in your emergency kit.

You might need fire for warmth, so waterproof matches, a lighter, and flares also should be included in the emergency kit.  You need to have first aid items in your emergency kit. Band aids, gauze, antiseptic wipes, aspirin, burn cream, and water purification tablets should all be included in your emergency kit.

The final thing to have in your emergency kit is items that provides shelter. They can be things like a tent, sleeping bags, or even a poncho to keep you dry. It really depends on how big of an emergency kit you want, and what kind of emergencies you think might happen.